Well, the first thing I want to say is this: I LOVE YOU THUNDER OPPA! SARANGHE ^^

Since I got to know Mblaq more, I got too much attracted to You, Thunder Oppa! The first song I heard Was “Y”, I liked the Song, Then I thought, Okay, Nice guys, noot bad, Then I saw YOU, then i completly lost my mind, couldn’t think, Then I thought, WHO THE HELL IS THIS CUTE, HOOT, HANDSOME, LOVELY BOY?? I searched Mblaq in a Second on google, found out that your name is Cheundung/Thunder, real name is Park SangHyun, born in 1990, birthday on 7 Octuber, 4 years older than me, well who cares that you are 4 older than me, the thing that matters to me is That I LOVE YA! ;* And I really want to meet You, I live Far away from where you are, from the countries you travel to, I WISH that you guys could come To Norway too, because you guys have many fans here too! 

I don’t know what more to write, I want to write more, but my mind is not thinking now!!

If I can’t meet You then I want to chat with You! Well, I don’t know how, don’t know what you use, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and I don’t know if you answer back to what your fans writing to You or not!

I am going Crazy because of you Thunder Oppa! Cuz I Love Ya To Much! If I don’t someday get to meet you, then I think I will get Heartattack ; – )

Well that was all, hope you guys like what I think, I will write more About what I like!

Saranghe, Chokayo Cheundung Oppa!


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